Speaking Engagements – Workshops


Wil is also available for dynamic speaking engagements and educational workshops.
Your brand has a lot to do with every visual interaction you have with those you encounter.  I develop customized seminars that articulate the importance of personal branding and image.

I create a fun and engaging event that will motivate you and your colleagues  or friends and stir them into action. I will provide tips and guidance that will have an immediate impact on how they approach their wardrobe and style the very next day.  My seminars and events can range from the following:

“Look The Part” (Several formats)

  • Building your personal brand
  • Fashion tips and trends
  • “No More Pickle Juice!”- Being More Assertive
  • Beating the clutter craziness: Getting your closet organized
  • and more.

I work with all kinds of businesses, civic groups, charity events, expos or industry meetings, and other professional organizations who recognize and know the power of image and style. Professionals work best when they feel and look good and a Wil Strayhorn seminar or event can be the first step. Privy yourself  with the style advice and guidance that will take your personal brand and/or business to the next level.

Contact me today about setting up a seminar, event or in-depth workshop on professional image for your company or organization.